“Matin Star” is launched

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May 8, 2019

In line with technical and economic development of Matin’s large Group of Companies, we are proud to take our business beyond borders as “Matin Star”, working more energized than ever on this virtual world that is the internet as an advertising agency (PRAgency).

Our main vision- which is taking any traditional businesses to the next level by developing their very own customized website on internet and maximizing their market share in the world of online business- is achieved by means of our two powerful aspects in producing and developing websites and then introducing it to the world by our professional marketing team.

Today, based on accurate market analysis, “Matin Star” is proud to unveil its new products as below:

  1. Supermarkets application.
  2. Onlinewearing sales.
  3. Hotel& Hostel reservation website.
  4. Organizingadvertisement campaigns and branding.

“Matin Star’s” marketing team and sales department has started its own advertising activities in Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan simultaneously with special services and discounts.

To see all packages and the portfolio, visit “Matin Star” website at the following address: