Vision and Mission

“Matin International Group” started its activity in 2017 to generate and develop innovative solutions based on information technology and modern marketing for small Businesses and industries. It has already started software development in education, artificial intelligence, travel and tourism industry as well as developing and expansion of small businesses.


Organizational structure and development

In order to focus on professional development and recruitment of expert employees more suited for the job, a separation of resources in the company’s projects was done in august 2018, in all departments. All done to expand Organizational infrastructure development in a unique and distinctive direction.

Accordingly, mission categorization of “Matin International Group” is identified in main 4 areas, listed below:

  • Matin Academy:active in the field of
  • Matin travel:provide solutions to travel & tourism industry.
  • Matin Star:development and growth of small businesses and industries.
  • Matin genius: development of software and research based onartificial


Offices and market development

Moving on the edge of today’s technology, researching closely with universities and experts, as well as connecting with small industries and powerful markets in the region, led “Matin International Group” to expand its network of business and marketing activities by equipping and setting up its own foreign offices. Moreover, the company has now launched its market centered on the following offices:


Iraq’s office in Karbala

Arabic-speaking community through the native marketing team of the company in the Iraq’s office in marketing and sales department as well as customer relationship can easily get acquainted with the services of the global group and use the products of this company.

For contact information and the address of this office, see the contact section.


Azerbaijan office in Baku

The activities of “Matin International Group” are carried out by the Baku office in 15 former Soviet Union (FSU) countries, which include parts of Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Central Asia and South Caucasus. These countries, with a population of 300 million, can easily benefit from the services provided by the Office, in their local language. The target zones are:

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.


Iran office in Tehran

The world today is a world of interaction and development, and this important cannot be achieved except through international relations and close links with strong companies in various fields of science and technology. The technical department of “Matin International Group”, serving as the heart of group and the center of production and implementing ideas and solutions, based on information technology is centered in Tehran’s office. In addition to its large team at the center, this office has close links with technical teams in other countries and is committed to move and improve productivity in their products.


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